Meet Janine El Hinnawy

Janine is an online marketer with experience in list building, social media marketing, and traffic generation. She has a multifaceted background that gives her a unique outlook on life and more importantly solutions to overcome obstacles in your online business.

Fueled by her passion for helping struggling entrepreneurs and complete beginners succeeding online, she is always looking for a way to save them from making expensive mistakes. She considers herself a ‘forever student’ eager to build on acquired marketing, self-development, and leadership skills through continued housework.

Her ambition and determination to create a better life for her family are driving her to new heights, leaving stepping stones behind for people driven by goals and ready to take their life to the next level. Janine believes having a clear goal, working on the right mindset, having a step-by-step system and commitment to following the instructions by someone who has already done what you want, will bring you the desired result. Believe, and you will succeed.

The Mission

Janine's mission is to wake up people to the vast possibilities available to them with the new digital economy.

She wants to educate people about the changes taking place and help them get started generating several income streams working from anywhere they wish. Helping the struggling individuals who are committed to reaching their dreams, who want more from life than working for somebody else and waiting for the next paycheck is what fulfills Janine and gets her motivated to continue on this journey.

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