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Janine's Entrepreneurial Journey

She started her journey into entrepreneurship in her early twenties.

Seduced by the idea to make thousands by selling self-development courses, she quickly realized that there is no such thing as ``get rich quick.``

After losing a lot of money and hitting rock-bottom, she then went into direct sales as financial advisor for private investors.

Being promised a leading position in a new company, she then left her safe job as a team leader she had at that time, but to her shock, the company never opened up, and she had to find another way to pay her bills - again.

Feeling that there must be more to life than working for someone else's dream, she then sold most of her belongings and took a flight to the Red Sea in Egypt.

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Janine’s Story continued…


Finally able to breathe again, she became a Dive Instructor and worked as a guide on one-week long Diving-Safaris, showing her guests the beauty of the reefs in the north and deep south of the Egyptian Red Sea.


It was there, where she found her spiritual self again and also meat her husband and father of her four boys.


Shaken by the revolution in 2011, she and her family moved back to her home country, Switzerland, and started all over again.


Even while busy with upbringing her triplet boys and then another singleton, she never forgot about her dream of more freedom and choices.


From Amazon FBA, Dropshipping, selling on eBay and other platforms – she might have tried (almost) all of it.


But one thing always stood out for her, and that was the idea of online marketing and learning how to help others to leverage the internet to break out of the boredom of an unfulfilled life.

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