Top Anti-Inflammatory Foods & Foods to Avoid to Feel Better

Top Anti-Inflammatory Foods & Foods to Avoid to Feel Better

Eating some of those top anti-inflammatory foods can help you feel better and be more energetic.

Inflammation is terrible for us, as it affects cancer, allergies, Alzheimer, dementia, autism, arthritis and other diseases.

When the body is in a state of inflammation, things deteriorate, and your body starts to wear down.

Don’t start to look after your health only after you feel bad, as sometimes it might be too late to reverse the damage that already happened.

Never the less, if you start implementing some of the recommendations from this post, then you’ll be on an excellent track to improve your health and feel better soon.


Foods to Avoid

◊ Vegetable Oils & Dairy

◊ Wheat products & White Flour

◊ Soy & Corn

◊ Conventional meat products

◊ Artificial sweeteners & Sugar

◊ Tap water (if there’s Fluoride added to it)


Great Anti-Inflammatory Foods

◊ Kale and leafy vegetables

◊ Pineapple

◊ Cold water fish

◊ Broccoli

◊ Sauerkraut and fermented foods


Now, if you want to start to create lasting changes in your life and health, I have one more advice for you.

Start to make SLOW changes.

Don’t do everything at once.

Cut out one of the wrong foods out at first and then stick to that until you got into the habit of not eating it anymore.

Then, get to the next item on the list.

Either cut out another food of the list or add some more of the good ones to your diet.

The most important thing is that you will create a habit and by doing so, the changes will be lasting and indeed help you feel better.

And if you want the reminder and even more foods to eat regularly, then request the complimentary Cheat-Sheet by filling out the form on this page.

You’ll be able to print it out, hang it in your kitchen or take it with you while grocery shopping.

To your health and wealth


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