How Seemingly Insignificant Things Can Change Your Life

How Seemingly Insignificant Things Can Change Your Life

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”

– Dalai Lama XIV –



When was the last time, you’ve played Dominoes?

One of my favorite games as a child was to align these stones one after the other and then watch them go down after I just pushed the first piece.

But these stones had all the exact same size.

It never came to my mind to use different sizes like in the above-animated pic.

Isn’t it amazing how this itsy bitsy tiny first domino piece can knock down the rest of the stones?

And in the end, even the over one-meter high domino stone gets put on the floor.


Imagine that big junk piece of stone is your biggest dream ever.

Imagine yourself actually achieving that dream goal.

But wait!

How Seemingly Insignificant Things can Change Your LifeWhy didn’t you get where you want yet?

Something is holding you back from starting your journey.

Is it fear of the unknown?

Do you think, you are not good enough?

There could be many reasons, why you didn’t reach your dream yet.

I’ll tell you something, I totally get you – it can be so scary to go out of your comfort zone and start something new.

I’ve been there many times and hey, I’m still alive.

And happier than before I changed my old ways.

The thing is, if we look at other people, most of the time, we might not think, that they also had a hard time getting over the first hurdles and do the first step to getting closer to their dream.

What makes the difference between the one who gets to knock down the huge dream domino stone and the other one who stays on the spot?

The one who succeeds will for sure also has doubts and thoughts of fear.

But he’ll say to himself: “Hey, that’s just thoughts. Normally things end up different than I thought anyway. So why bother about it?”

And then, this person will plan what needs to be done to get where he wants.

He’ll do the first step and will overcome all the hurdles in his way till he finally arrives at his ultimate dream.

BOOM!How Seemingly Insignificant Things can Change Your Life -

And the one who stays on the spot?

Well, that’s easy to describe.

He’ll get some fearful thoughts and might not even attempt to plan his journey.

After a while, he will forget his dream and go on with his life like it was before.

Isn’t that really sad?

Which of the two are you in this moment?

Read on…

Did you realize that I said: “In This Moment”?

Because you always have the choice at any time to change your mind and your old ways!

Isn’t that wonderful?

Right now, I’m on my personal journey to the big dream.

It’s a wonderful and exciting journey and I’ve learned so much already.

Yes, it was not easy to start, but as I move along the way, I feel that the power of just one domino stone at the time keeps me going.

And then I have another asset in my sleeve.

I don’t play this game all by myself.

I’m a member of a community where I learn from the best and get inspired day by day.

See, there is an immense power if you are using the power of a group to achieve what you want.

Even better, it’s more FUN too 🙂

Join us in ‘The FourPercent Challenge‘ and start your journey to create the good life you’ve always wanted.


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