What Is The Opposite Of Self-Doubt?

What Is The Opposite Of Self-Doubt?

Self-doubt can stop the average person from becoming outstanding.what is the opposite of self-doubt?

I’ve used to have a lot of self-doubts.

Especially during the time when I just started my online business, it got clearer and clearer to me that I have tons of these self-limiting beliefs about myself.

And it’s hard to deal with them.


“Don’t let others tell you what you can’t do. Don’t let the limitations of others limit your vision.
If you can remove your self-doubt and believe in yourself, you can achieve what you never thought possible.”

– Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart –



What Is The Opposite Of Self-Doubt?


You might say “confidence” or “self-confidence”.what is the opposite of self-doubt?

I believe it is not.

Let me explain.

Somebody who is confident has a great feeling of trust in his abilities, qualities, and judgment.

He knows exactly what he’s good in, he has a very clear picture of what he is and what not.

So for me, the opposite of self-doubt is clarity.


How to Silence That Inner Voice


I hate it when my inner voice starts telling me that I’m not good enough to do something.

what is the opposite of self-doubt?At the start of my entrepreneurial journey, it was trying to convince me that I can’t write a single blog post and surely I would not be able to write one article a day for the next thirty days.

First, I was almost going to believe it and give up before even starting especially because I thought that I will not have enough time for blogging daily.

But as the days went by without starting, I was also learned how to plan my days in a better way and I came to the realization that I have enough time.

It really became clear to me that this voice was lying to me and it was not advisable to listen to it for any longer.

I would advise you to stop listening to it too.

Read on.

I started writing my first article.

Don’t you think that this voice was silenced!

It was louder than before, now telling me that my English is not good enough (my mother tongue is Swiss-German) and that nobody will read my posts – and if, that they will laugh about it and never return to my blog again.

As I’m writing this, it becomes obvious to me that I was not clear on what I could achieve and what I’m able to do.

The inner voice is not a good place to take any advice of!

I think as soon somebody wants to change anything in his life, this voice will oppose to everything because it likes safety and the things to stay how they are.

Change is one of his worst enemies.

what is the opposite of self-doubt? janinelhinnawy.com


For me, it’s now clear what I want and that it’s not an option at all to stay on the spot.

My dream is to be able to follow my passions and then help one person at a time to do the same.

I know the way there is not going to be easy.

This voice will try to convince me that these self-doubts are real and not only thoughts of mine.

But as I get clearer and more experienced in just going forward one step at the time, I’m sure that this voice will become bored of talking too much and will eventually be silenced.

What is your inner voice trying to convince you of?

Mine is just telling me not to publish this article because it’s not good enough.

But I will publish anyway 😉

And hey, before going anywhere else – leave a comment below!


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