Warning: These 6 Mistakes Will Block You From Success

Warning: These 6 Mistakes Will Block You From Success

Are financial success and health related?

Before answering the above question, let me tell you something that truly amazes me.

We are our own worst enemies sometimes, and definitely, some habits and beliefs that many people have can be destructive.

If you happen to have those beliefs and habits, then you are going to have a tough time achieving success, because they are blocking your path to success.

Now, the good news is, that science has found correlations between someone’s overall well-being and their success in business or other areas of their life.

The simple fact is, healthier people make more money and achieve more of their goals than those who are not as healthy.

Now, let’s look at the five deadly mistakes you should avoid if you’re looking for great success in your life.


Success Block #1 – You Believe That all the Good Ideas are Gone

Warning: These 6 Mistakes Will Block You From SuccessThat’s merely a claim some people make.

All of the good ideas are not gone.

Every ten years or so, as technology improves by leaps and bounds, a whole new crop of ideas are available.

If you think all of the good ideas are gone, then it is likely that you aren’t opening yourself up to new ideas and inspiration.

Instead, you are letting negativity convince you that you’ll never be able to have an idea as good as the ones you’ve heard about, when the truth is, you might have a better one.

But how can you tap into the endless power of new ideas?

Start a habit of thinking daily for about 30 minutes to one hour first thing in the morning.

Think about ideas on how to improve your life, the life of others and creative solutions on how to solve your problems.

Now, this gets us to the next point.


Success Block #2 – Start Your day by Checking Emails and Smartphone, sit Down and Dive Right Into Your Work

You might think, that this will give you a headstart to finish more stuff than anybody else.


The better approach looks different.

Keep all the tech shut until later and work out.

When you work out first thing the morning (or after you did your thinking), you release a bunch of endorphins that stay with you for hours.

This means that you head to work with a glow about you and an easier time focusing on tasks and getting things done.


Success Block #3 – Tell Yourself That You Don’t Have the Ability

Did you ever hear the saying “You become what you think about”?Warning: These 6 Mistakes Will Block You From Success

Sadly, many people are not aware of it or can’t get out of the habit of thinking bad about themselves.

They keep telling themselves over and over that they don’t have the confidence or that they lack skills.

In nearly all cases, this isn’t true.

There is a true story about a man who wanted to be a singer more than anything.

The problem was, he couldn’t carry a tune. Everyone told him that he wouldn’t ever be a singer because he lacked the ability. You either had it, or you didn’t, they said. The man didn’t believe them, and took lessons and practiced for about ten years. After a very long time, it clicked, and he was able to sing on key and hear and correct himself when he sang off key.

You should look at your business goals the same way.

Believe in yourself and never let anybody tell you that you can’t do it.

Yes, YOU can!


Success Block #4 – Don’t Stick to Your Health Goals

For me, wealth without health isn’t worth anything.

And by actually accomplishing your goals when it comes to your health and well being, you are planting seeds for any other area of your life, where you want to be more successful.

You will start getting a different self-image from you, and this is a key to start seeing changes in your life and business.

You will have more confidence when it comes to the goals that you set for yourself.

That is because you know that you can achieve difficult things already, thanks to the goals that you’ve set for yourself when it comes to health and fitness.


Success Block #5 – Think That You Don’t Have the Determination

Get rid of the belief that you do not have what it takes to reach your goals and be successful.

There is one straightforward way to combat this.

Understand that if you believe you don’t have the determination, you don’t, and if you do have the determination, then you do.

Remeber what I’ve said a bit earlier?

You become what you think about!

It is ultimately your choice whether or not you have enough sticking power to reach your goals.

Warning: These 6 Mistakes Will Block You From Success


Success Block #6 – Don’t Care About What You eat – get any Fast Food to Keep You Going.

If you want more energy and feel better, you should give your body the nutrition and micronutrients it needs every day.

Or would you feel safe to put diesel into a fuel car?

Sure not!

Similarly, fast food, carbohydrate & sugar overload and other habits that people fall into can zap your energy, make you tired and cause you to get less accomplished throughout the day.

People who get the right nutrients from their diet and who do not overeat are much more able to get things done and have the energy that they need for reaching their goals.

I know, it can be difficult at times to get everything you need while building an empire, that’s why I recommend you check out this make-you-feel-great vegan supplement that will not only help you have lots of energy but also is very convenient to take with you anywhere.

It made a difference in thousands of lives already, so check it out here, because you deserve to feel good and get successful.

Here’s how to get there.

To your success,


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