Why “Smart” is not Wise and how to use Technology Safely

Why “Smart” is not Wise and how to use Technology Safely

Use technology safely!

Did you know that microwave ovens, Cellphones, Cordless Phones, and WiFi are all using a similar frequency?

Even though they differ in the power they operate at, it seems that it is the pulse which actually makes the (bad) impact to your health.

Here are the most important things you might want to change when it comes to these gadgets:

#1 No Cellphone to your head and close to your body. If you have to carry it around, put it on airplane mode or at least turn off the mobile data.

#2 Move away from WiFi. Go back to cables, you’ll be surfing faster and it’s much better for your health too!

#3 Use a wired Baby Monitor.

#4 Get a safer (wired) home phone.

#5 ‘Smart’ is not wise. These smart homes might be getting whole families very ill. Check about options for your Smart Meter if you are in the US.

#6 Measure the EMF inside your home.

#7 Take initiative to get WiFi out of schools!

I know, these might seem like small steps only, because we’re surrounded everywhere with WiFi and phone towers, but let’s just start here and then remember to share this with your friends and family, so we can make a bigger impact and help others to use technology safely.

To your health and wealth


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