True Story From “You Were Born Rich”

True Story From “You Were Born Rich”

Imagine: There was a guy who got locked in a freezer truck and couldn’t get out of it anymore.

No way to escape.

He had to spend the night inside of that truck.

And wait.

He got colder and colder, and when the police found his dead body, they made a stunning discovery.

Before the poor man died, he wrote his last phrases on the wall of the truck.

It’s so cold.

I’m feeling cold.

I think I’m freezing to death.

These might be my last words.


But my friend, that 👆🏻 wasn’t the stunning discovery.

When the police inspected the truck, they found out that the freezing mechanism of the car didn’t work correctly.

The temperature inside never got below 9 degrees Celsius (about 49 degrees Fahrenheit)!

It was too warm to actually freeze to death!

But that poor man got himself into such freezing death thoughts, that it still happened.

I sincerely wish that the man would still be alive today.

But I can’t do anything about that.

However, I wanted to take this story and tell you what I’ve learned from it.

Lately, I was freezing my life and online business with my thoughts.

But then, through above story, I realized what I was doing and turned the ship around.

And so can you.

It’s possible.

Don’t freeze!

There are more opportunities out there for you than you’ve ever imagined.

This program is the one I recommend you have a good look at.

Talk soon,



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